Fan Min 's Info

Ph.D.,  Professor,  Memeber IEEE,  ACM,  CCF,  CAAI

Lab of Machine Learning, School of Computer Science, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu,  Sichuan 610500,  China.

Office: B509 Mingli Hall

Telephone: +86 - 135 4068 5200

E-mail: minfanphd at 163 dot com


Associate editor of

International Journal of Approximate Reasoning

Reviewer of

Information Sciences,

IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics,

Knowledge-Based Systems,

International Journal of Approximate Reasoning,

International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics,

Applied Intelligence

Applied Soft Computing

Soft Computing

IEEE Access

Control and Decision (in Chinese).

PC member of

IEEE GrC 2011-2014


Bachelor of Mathematics,  Department of mathematics,  Chongqing Normal University.

Dissertation: Implementation of a Huffman Code/Decode System.

September 1991 - July 1995

Master of Computer Science,  Department of Computer Science and Engineering,  University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Dissertation: Net School -- Design and Implementation.

September 1997 - March 2000

Ph.D. of Computer Science Department of Computer Science and Engineering,  University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Thesis: Researches on Probing-based Task Assignment

March 2000 - May 2003
Work Experiences:

Chonqqing No. 7 middle school

Mathematics teacher

July 1995- August 1997

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,  University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Lecturer since July 2003,  Associate professor since July 2007

July 2003 - October 2010

Lab of Granular Computing,  Minnan Normal University.

Associate Professor

October 2010 - January 2014

Lab of Machine Learning,  School of Computer Science,  Southwest Petroleum University.


January 2014 - now
Other Experiences:

Victoria university,  Melbourne,  Australia

English training

July 2005 - August 2005

Department of Computer Science,  University of Vermont,  Burlington,  USA

Visiting scholar

September 2008 - August 2009
  • Qing ZhengThesis: Skin color based face detection and eyes location
    Paper: Qing Zheng,  Fan Min and Leiting Chen,  Facial illumination compensation based on composite transformation,  Application Research of Computers,  Feb. 2008.
  • Song ChenThesis: Skin color based face detection and recognition
  • Huaiyu MenThesis: Implementation of 3D Medical image reconstruction technologies
  • Hui ZhenThesis: LDAP based unified authetication--system design and implementation
  • Hongyin JiangThesis: JBPM based workflow management
  • Huaxiang Yu
  • Shu Liu
  • Jianhan Liu
  • Han Lu
  • Jian Zhou
  • Xuhua Gao

Safe sports

Tennis is my favorite sports since it embodies grace and diligence. I play tennis every week with various people. Swiftness and stableness are two key points to win the game. In the past year I have gained more power with the help of my coach.

Traditional sports such as the Great Wall game is also funny.

Make friends

Talking and playing with friends are always interesting.

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